A new Mum a year on...

So one year on..what is the verdict? Can you do it all and be a working mother. Well the answer is YES!

But believe me it takes a lot of sacrifice and determination. There were tears, tantrums, late nights, early mornings and extreme exhaustion. But some how we got through it,  and it all doesn’t matter once you see that little face smiling back at you. 

When they say “It takes a village”. Well it really does. Not every new mother has the luxury of a retired grandmother. So in that aspect we are super fortunate. However grandma has another three grandchildren so we don’t get the luxury of having her all of the time. But she does a pretty good job of helping out when I’ve needed her the most. Let’s just get one thing straight.....Motherhood is quite possibly is the hardest job in the world, even with help! 

The year has consisted of a tremendous amount of growth, patience and not very much sleep. But we have met some incredible people along the way. Whilst at a weekly breastfeeding clinic one of the midwifes noticed our son had a tongue tie. Something I wasn’t familiar with. (It’s a long story and needs its own post ) but I then spent the next couple of days researching and panicking like most mothers do, deciding whether to go ahead with the treatment of having the procedure. (Which we did and it was totally fine)  All in the mist of not realising I was extremely unwell myself. It all came to a head when I visited the doctor about concerns that I was loosing my hair at an alarming rate. Only for her to tell me my blood pressure was so high I was on the verge of a heart attack. Fast forward to an extended trip in the hospital
away from my new born to be diagnosed with a pregnancy related over active thyroid, with symptoms that had reached to life threatening highs. (It’s the afterbirth stories you never actually get told) 

If I were to reflect on the past year I would say thank you to the dedicated men and women of the NHS that were vigilant in spotting things like the tongue tie.

And for new mothers to also find time to take out to really just double check everything is ok with their own health. As I had multiple symptoms and I totally ignored them as I wanted to be the best Mum I could be and consistently do the right thing by my new born. But doing the right thing also means asking for help and taking care of ourselves as mothers. As you can’t pour from an empty cup. It’s defiantly been a year of lessons learnt and I’m super excited to see my son grow and explore the world through his eyes. 


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